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crimson-shadow-soul asked:

You hurt my horse and I swear to god you will know the meaning of pure anger and pain.




Actually, I think your horse likes me better! 

Shut your yap right now. You are lucky that Shutter is taking it easy on you. I still dont trust you as far as I can throw your lazy ass.

Alright, well I promise I won’t hurt Shadow! We’ll have fun!

*glares and walks away*

//posting this about changes.




Darry and Zombie trade stuff. They don’t always have everything available to them. Darry does dabble in black market stuff, but not always. Normally they trade things with people, like Tragic, to get herbs or that kind of thing that they would rather get from people they know. They veggies  also from Tragic. They also trade with Shutter for things like eggs. They get stuff that’s also taken care of. Any questions, please address me via ask box.

// and hunt and gather for other stuff

since this has seem to bother some people.  

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